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Rooms ripped to pieces, a piano smashed apart and graffiti on the walls: £30,000 trail of destruction when 800 descend on three-bedroom semi after girl, 14, advertises her party on Facebook
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Well I guess she won't do that again then.
This would never have happened if she'd advertised her party on Google+, simply because there aren't 800 people who use the service (badum tish).
Still, seems like it was a good bash. Idiot!
glad i dont have kids dogs dont do facebook 
I don't understand how can someone let her daughter do this especially if she had a two week notice from school...
Judging by the photos of the damage to the furniture I would say the kids did her mother a huge favour , the story does not add up the mother was warned the party could be viewed publicly on facebook a week before the event
Why not just cancel or maybe was planed to replace items for christmas 
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