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Barber placed on council 'blacklist' for using megaphone to warn motorists when traffic wardens are approaching -
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There goes freedom of speech again
S Mann
Lol. Definitely getting a hair cut from this guy. And leave what I'd save on parking as a tip.
Diamond geezer!
I'm no fan of parking charges and I actually think it's a good idea for some communities to have free parking in order to help businesses.

But parking charges are parking charges. At the end of the day, this guy is helping people not pay for something they're supposed to be paying for. If I were leading the council, I'd be pretty annoyed too.

And I wouldn't put it past this chap to have been intimidating towards wardens. I'm not saying that he was, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's another side to this story. Plus some people may see his speaker phone as a public nuisance. 
S Mann
+Anthony Hua I agree with you.but I'm sure his retaliation is based on wardens handing out tickets like candy at Halloween.the unjust your bumper being an inch over the line tickets.
I myself have had two parking tickets which I contested and won.
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