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Blade Runner in the dock: Oscar Pistorius holds his head in his hands as he is formally charged with murdering his model girlfriend who 'was shot four times through bathroom door' at his home
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Tt Tan
I never respected this Oscar Piece-of-Ass. He sued so that HE - and only HE - could compete. It's never about giving other disabled athletes like himself an equal chance. This is all about him and his ego. When he got his wish, did he do anything to help other disabled athletes get the same wish? Absolutely not! I'm glad he didn't make the finals. I hope he goes down for this, and his name drag through the mud and stay in that mud for good.
It's called sportsmanship to help one another, he knew exactly who he was shooting he was awake and very aware of his surroundings he must of k own when he woke up and his girlfriend wasn't beside him so I hope he goes down aswell and good friigin riddums :-)
I'm sure after the 1st shot you may have noticed it was your girlfriend but to put another 3 into her kind of spells rage to me
mistake o no mistake He must go to jail...a life was lost

how stupid do you people are to think you accidently shot your girlfriend thinking it was a robber in the bathroom?? what did you think he was robbing the sink or toilet?
He may have an uphill task to explain the shootings. Wish him luck. Poor girl's family, her life ended too soon. 
he has been released as police have discovered footprints at the scene
Tt Tan
Whose footprints? They could have been left days, weeks or months ago.
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