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A Minnesota couple, hopelessly in love for all 65 years of their marriage, have died within hours of each other in what could be considered the most romantic symbol of their eternal devotion. 
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That is so sweet, not the death bit but going together holding hands.
This is a 'sweet' story, and I couldn't agree more with Clark Graham's comment that their relationship definitely draws very clearly the distinction between love and lust, but the Daily Mail is supposed to be a News Paper. This sort of thing is better suited to magazines like 'Take a break' or similar. These days the Mail seems to divide its time between showing sexualised pictures of nubile woman, or pictures of these same women a few months later decrying their slatternly ways, or worse still their weight gain; printing stories about immigrants destroying the country, or stories like the one above. None of these are the natural purlieu of a newspaper. Its just a gossip rag printed daily. Its sad. The mail once had a proud history of right of centre political comment and analysis while now i'd rather perform heart surgery on myself with a wooden spoon than read it, or worse still! to be seen reading it!
+Clark Graham Nice of you to say so. I don't really know whats sadder, the fact the Mail is now what it is or the fact this race to the bottom of the barrel has resulted in its website becoming the most popular 'newspaper' site on planet earth - overtaking the Guardian's a couple of months ago. Its the old bread and circuses argument with added middle class actresses in Bikinis! It was always a bit of a lighter paper news wise, but it happily filled the ground between the broadsheets and the red tops in Britain, while now the Sun actually has better political reporting than the Mail, which would have been inconceivable even ten years ago. 
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