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David Beckham agrees £150k-a-week deal to play for +PSG - Paris Saint-Germain and he's donating his salary to a local children's charity. Watch the video here:

Does David Beckham deserve a knighthood? 
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was it such a problem to stay in UK 
this is what a real footballer is about. he dont care about how much money he earns while there are those greedy premiership players who are making the game more and more expensive. 
Bullshit, he's only doing it because it's peanuts to him, and mark my words he wants that knighthood. We don't need the likes of him and his family. So good riddance, hope he stays abroad until he fades from memory. He most probably wouldn't be able to say all of this. 
A nice gusture and good sample from MR.BECKHAM keep it up

any one who donates money from their salary are the people that make this world a better place. the drug dealing, girl prositution rings, slave labour and kidnapping gangs is what this world needs to remove.
When are you going to realise he's trying to get a knighthood. He doesn't need anymore money,so he thinks he can buy a knighthood with a gesture. Useless p***k!!
ok brian lets not take his genrous charity offer that will give over 2-3 millon pounds to help the charity just because he wants the obe. that makes sense? 
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