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Internet porn and the rape suspects aged TEN: New fear for young after 24 police forces arrest under-13s for sex crimes in a year -
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Whilst this is disgusting how do you approach this as a parent? 
Instead of an opt-in,why can't we have an opt -out :)
Or better still,don't let your children under a certain age have unsupervised access to the Internet.When my children were younger they could only access the internet from my computer in the front room, when we were there,it caused many arguments and probably didn't stop them at friends houses etc,but at least we were trying to do something.
I'm 24 and I can remember doing everthing humanly possible to circumnavigate ANY restriction put in my way to do unscrupulous and investigative things (as does any young child/teenager)

So I see the situation as a younger person who may start a family soon. I view it that children will see explicit things if they want to. So do we educate that these things happen and adults view it. However stress that this is an activity for people of an older age and some of it is very seriously acting and not to be replicated.

Or do you keep at the prohibition-that-fails-and-we-dont-talk-about-it-till-something-goes-tits-up tract? Its a tricky subject and one that I'm not sure I know the answer.
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