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A single mother from Lithuania who lives a life of luxury at the expense of Britain's taxpayers takes home more than £1,000 a month in handouts which funds her love of designer clothes and holidays.
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Another feel-good story from the Mail that was in no way worded to incite a particular response from readers...
The fact that she's from Lithuania shouldn't detract from the root cause of the problem, a benefits system that isn't designed to get the able back into work.

If working more than 16 hours gives you an effective cut in your income then of course you'll keep working part-time and avoid full-time work.

There's plenty of British people doing exactly the same thing. The tax and benefits systems are broken, and I don't blame this girl for claiming what's offered to her any more than I blame Google for legally minimising their tax expenditure. You can't expect people to volunteer to pay more or receive less.

Pointing fingers at European migrants just shifts focus away from the real villain... a broken benefits system.
Mr. Cameron please explain this garbage when you have just hit middle UK.
Provocative. What else can be expected from Daily Mail. Only rubbish articles. 
Is £1000 a month enough to afford a lavish lifestyle? I think not. Any chance of some decent news?
This story has turned out to be fake - the woman is working not on benefits.  She's currently a full time Marketing and Sales Manager at FreeWater DE Ltd.

It appears the media are trying to take us for suckers.  Nice try.
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