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Draft legislation introducing the first women bishops in the Church of England has failed to receive final appoval from the Church of England General Synod.
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This is why religion is on the decline. The church is so backward when it comes to modern society. Times have changed and the church needs to as well or risk being left behind.
im not religious, but don't want to see woman bishops, that's just a step to far, let me just say my goodbyes to the church of England now, only the desperate, and uneducated believe in religion, science is the truth.. 
All this is just to distract everyone from the real news...we are still in recession
It is hard to respect an institute that doesn't see you as an equal.
This would have been one compromise too far...
This is bad news... so many faithful Christians were going to leave her for the Catholic Church... now us Catholics will have to evangelise again... (Joking)... well done C o E... didn't know yourespected the bible.
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