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More than a dozen abandoned dogs may have to be put down before Christmas after a council ruled that their barking is too loud.
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I hope they were sold on to the local Korean takeaway. Waste not, want not and all that.
I think it was a joke. You know, one of those funny things we say but aren't allowed to now because of sensitive nobodies.
Thats good for u but still mean to say: (
Not as mean as if Sheffield City Council failed to make their money back. Just think of the poor old people who will be unable to turn the lights on in their nursing homes because the cost has been taken out of the social care budget.

Also noteworthy - Sheffield is +Nick Clegg's backyard so I am sure he is behind this somehow.
My gawd what does that have to do with dogs dying?
I would take some of the dogs off them, but I recently found out that because me and my girlfriend go to work! (I know, madness!), we are not fit to look after a dog.
put the old people down.  they get crotchety in their older age and tend to be a burden.  dogs yeah not so much. :) problem solved. :) 
Maybe they should feed the dog carcasses to the old people? (I prefer old people to dogs - at least they did something for society).
All old people should be killed at birth!
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