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Apprentice star Katie Hopkins admits: 'I won't let my children play with friends that I deem beneath them... that's what caring mothers do.' Read why here:

Should you try and control who your child chooses for friends? Join our debate:
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people who are beneath them could mean many things, it doesnt have to mean wealth and status, this woman is clearly intelligent and successful, and i suspect she doesnt want her kids playing with undesirables, to be perfectly honest with you, neither do i.
Max Hotopf
This is awful. There is far too much class apartheid in the UK already. She will end up with howling snobs who are incapable of relating to normal people and feel uneasy around working class people. This could damage their career prospects.  In any case many working class parent and kids are just great people - so you miss out on a huge spectrum.
If it was based on looks dear... ugly stick comes to mind
this woman was a cow on apprentice and now she has still not changed, she thinks she lives in victorian times. what a grotbag
Bad influence is bad influence. It doesn't matter how much or how little money you have. Someone's financial standing and/or upbringing should never be used to judge the value or character of that person. I understand that she only wants the best for her children but she's instilling a detrimental and elitist way of thinking into them.
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