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Today's front page: Migrants fuel need for Green Belt homes: Minister's candid admission on housing crisis -

Paula Hamilton: I drank to die -
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This is racist scare-mongering rubbish. I don't expect anything more from this rag but to hear it from a minister is appalling!
Sadly it is not scaremongering, live where I live, schools filled with non English speaking children.
Tourist migration from the EU is rife, that causes housing shortage and no work. Places like seasonal holiday sites, ie Butlins full with EU migrants working all the hours, local unemployed ignored. The books need to be balanced, residency must be met before freedom to housing, benefits, our way of life can be called home. Too easy in the UK. It does not work the reverse way, not at all. This is abuse of UK generosity.
Daily wail racist rant again. I have been in the UK for 10 years and a citizen for 5. My son is 5 Very few non white children in his class but he is 3-4 levels above in reading English than others. Its just a myth that all immigrant children cannot speak English and cause problems in classrooms.
its true we not on about the rest of the world its the EU countys some come and work open shops but some just come and stay on the hand outs look under the london bridges at night and any big city to find home less people from EU
sorry to disagree, tourist migration is causing huge problems in housing and work.
and students that come and stay as in the 4 year have marry and had kids 
I've been away from the UK for a few years, and whenever I return I'm always surprised at the spread of housing estates into what would have been green space (not necessarily green belt) when I was younger. These are often fairly expensive large houses with a front and back garden.

Sometimes I think the English tendency to want a larger house with its own green plot of land to the front and rear is going to destroy the green belt and the countryside.

There's nothing wrong with living in a nice apartment if that means having more countryside and green space in surrounding areas. Why not focus on urban renewal and better use of the land that we've already developed like old industrial sites before encroaching further into surrounding areas? Does that just make too much sense?
Makes perfect sense to me sir!
I think I can maintain a regular blog about the Daily Mail and its lies against immigrants.
Definately a must. Speak truth to power.
Lisa Barducci- our first circle, that is, people we expect to meet at moderately intimate weddings (siblings' in-laws, first cousins' families) include over a dozen nationalities, languages and at least four major religions last time I counted; more numbers if one counts where people met or lived. It all embraces the earth from one edge of Pacific to another but via the other, that is, lands route rather than across the Pacific. And some varieties in other ways too, such as colours of various sort. So while it is not quite as much of a nuclear family spread as yours, I applaud your spirit and more in the family variety of choices.
As for UK generosity, that is the very opposite of how the British empire came into existence in the first place. And to expect people not to return the compliment is unreasonable.
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