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What Justified That!
The Real Story Of Sending People "Jews" To Palestine On 1948 Support Them To Kill Some Honest People "Palestinian"  And Kick Some Other "Palestinian" From Their Home, Their Land, Their Country...Then Take Over...Please If You Care About Self Respect Then Don't Ask "Justified?" At All Of Palestine Story.
Sadly they both disown God, become the terror of the world. Venting their anger in ways that only fear can imagine.
We have to stop talking in these outmoded and emotive terms. This horror on both sides is never going to end unless a new language is used to try and find a way forward.
Chaza, what Arab country are you originally from?

How many Jews did it have before they were ethnically cleansed by your countrymen?

Why did the Palestinians ethnically cleanse the 800 year-old Jewish community from Hebron in 1929, and then lie to the world that it is now their 'ancestral homeland'?

Why did Jordan purge the West Bank and Jerusalem of all Jews in 1948?

Naive, very naive....
For the sake of SANITY stop now, or you will all kill yourselves forever, no winners, just losers.
Stop what? Being bombed by Hamas missiles and not even responding?

Good luck with that...
Always Israel begins then hamase respond to the assassination of its leader after that israel kill approximately 2000 palestinian innocent civilians shame on israel surrounding gaza from land , sea and air they are exercising country terrorism. We will always remember gaza war in 2008

Why Israel made this war exactly in this time because palestinian's government had gone to the UN to be a partialy member not full membership

The Palestinians killed 1,200 Israelis between 2000 - 2007 using sometimes child suicide bombers. Where is your outrage?
The anti-Israel bias of DM is obvious, and disgraceful. 
if they left the past and there god at home and the grown men got round a table and talk maybe peace would come but the hatred is so far in both sides and others countrys involment people will die on both sides but it would take some very brave men to sit and talk about what is needed for peace ( will never happen in my life time )
+tahir Umarji do you have any less right to self defense if I attack you with a home made weapon instead of a store bought one?  Clearly not.  Your assertion is silly.
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