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The eBay for drugs: 'Silk Road' website allows UK drug users to buy cocaine and heroin by mail order from all over the world
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would love to access that site but it aint easy to find i download that then use is a sort of search engine...not very clued up 
The suppliers should be licensed and regulated pharmaceutical companies. Then the customers know the quality of product. Tax the whole thing and we drive a currently underground and dangerous practice in to the foreground with proper legislation and reap the financial benefits through taxation.

It seems counter intuitive to pursue this prohibitive stance that has failed to stem the use of drugs.

The Most damaging part of prohibiting drugs is the conviction that offenders pick up when caught. Using drugs doesn't stop you from pursuing a fulfilling career and socially accepted life. A conviction for the use of. . Does.
+Adam Brackpool Do think the initial tax on the product would pay the after effects? IE - Once people get addicted and quit or get sacked from their jobs and go on benefits then the tax payer pays for them to stay at home and get high all day and also pay the NHS bills when the effect starts taking its tole on their body
+Kate Allan good point.. and yes I do. Or atleast contribute to your (supposed (I'll get to that later)) said problems. At the moment society does not benefit from drug use. Drug use, to society at the moment, is entirely detrimental. And by that I'm not saying every drug user is detrimental to society. So yes taxation of illicit substances does 'Pay' for the 'after effects'.

Every non-drug user assumes (and I can only assume that you are a non-drug user) that using drugs is the route of all evil. That to use a drug deems that user a waster, a benefit sponge and a medical resource drain. (By your own admission above)

My experience is far from that. I have plenty of friends working in respectable (and more importantly contributory) professions such as engineers, project managers, medical Doctors and Primary school teachers. All use Class A drugs on a regular basis for a period spanning many years.  All have a self regulated and managed interest in a substance that alters their mind. Much like someone who pursues an amateur interest in a sporting activity.

And like (some) drugs the sportsmen could start to develop the same 'drain' on society. They may develop a life long injury during practice, rendering them unfit for work. They may develop an infatuation for the sport, cutting family ties. The use of drugs is very similar to alot of other seemingly harmless pursuits.

The trouble with drug use is that it isnt regulated (leading to duff gear and deaths/overdoses from bulking agents or unknown potencies)

Regulation would irradicate this and drug use could be treated the same as an appreciation for a theme park ride, or a piece of fine art. Wine tasting and even going to the cinema are all methods to bring about a similar result to drugs. Transporting oneself to a place other than the present or altering ones stimuli to bring about pleasure.

I feel the vast populous mis-interprets drug use as an evil entity, when in reality it isn't.

Therefore, yes, taxation of the drug market would pay for the 'after effects' and more. Want to generate more money from the trade? Make it legal. Then the unnecessary and costly process of arresting and charging drug users is irradicated and police resources are free'd up for more productive tasks such as combating crime that actually causes loss or harm to others. 

Its a tricky subject and one that isnt debated freely enough. Especially not in parliament
And presumably, the best bit is, if they don't deliver, you will sue or report them won't you (not) ! If they do deliver, you will possibly end up in jail. 
i believe their is a massive feedback thingy where you can check up on the sellers feedback, a bit like ebay.
Calling it by various euphemistic names buys time - it was golden crescent for a while, now it is silk road that is a maligned name for no reason. The original, real silk road had nothing to do with destructive substances and everything with good stuff.
+Catherine Gannon 
Are you that stupid? Did you not notice the feedback system mentioned in the article? I went on the website to look around, I'm not breaking any laws by looking around. I went on the forums, if you have a very good reputation. Then someone buys from you, and you send them their drug cut up repeatedly. They will be rated 1/5, which kills their rating, happens multiple times, and it seems no one will ever buy from you ever again. There's also a escrow system in place, if the seller doesn't send anything, the buyer can just say "I never received my product", and they will get their money back. The seller doesn't have the money till the buyer says yes.
What happened to your sense of humour !!(stupid)
My problem is the part that she looks like your usual retarded anti drug person. I'm not a user, but ignorance makes me want to go on killing sprees...
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