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More than 1,700 job hunters applied for just eight vacancies at a new Costa cafe it emerged today - highlighting the extent of the employment crisis across Britain. 
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+Melissa Richards Ignore him. I've seen him around the posts, spreading his idiotic, nonsensical views. This really IS a crisis. Assuming that there's a large amount of unemployed people who didn't even see the ad or apply, 1,700 is a HUGE number!
A disgusting waste of potential that government has not taken a blind bit of notice about. The UK could be fairly self sufficient if we invested in home grown enterprise. This malaise will result in rebellion, YOU DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY ARE BEGGING UNDERDOGS THEN BUMP YOUR OWN PAY UP, THE CHANCELLOR GIVES A NOD TO BANKERS BONUSES, SORRY YOUR GOING TO BE GUILTY OF SERIOUS NEGLECT.
Irrespective of who they are....they are still part of the society.
Those who fails to learn from past experiences. ...certainly will becomes victim of their own doings. 
1700 people applied but how many of those were British?
+Ryan Barlow what is your guess? That they were mostly British or mostly non British? 
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