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Home fit for a dole queen: Mother of 11 gets BRAND NEW £400,000 built by council because she's 'struggling' in her two current homes
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All 11 Children must have a different Father. Surely - nobody has slept with her twice? 
Lol@Dan. You would have to be high on Drugs to h,,,,,,,,no are right. I am amazed too. 
And a normal couple who want a flat are told to bugger off, sterilisation should be mandatory.
Not really fare is it on all of us that work & provide for our children 
So what should the council do with the lazy bitch. Can hardly put her out on the streets not with the left wing media we have in this country.

Some tosser from the BBC or guardian would soon be round saying its her right to be housed by the council.

Every time the government talks about cutting spending on benefits its meet with uproar in almost all media outlets, we just get the same old shit about how those with the broadest shoulders should take more of the burden.
I'm surprised she has a vagina left! If she likes to shag so much why doesn't she use her initiative and charge for it! Maybe at least she could proudly say she paid for it all XD
She should take the pill..... and clutch it firmly between her knees.
I despise this countries social support system! If I could afford to buy a £400k house I'd be happy I have a good living for my family. But this lazy c#nt probably dropped out of school at 15 got know where in life other than spreading her legs and breeding yet more of her sort - scum bread scum! No doubt she has flat screen and all the other mod cons we working class have to buy or save for
I am curious, that leyland van on the drive! Is that her minibus for karting the kids about?!?
Sometimes at my age I'm glad I will be dead in a few years time with this shit happening.
anna d
not right at all but the scary thing is what are her kids going to do when they grow up ... 11 kids all wanting a custom built home for free?
You should all mind your own business. You really think the Daily Fail is telling you all the facts? Every detail? Grow up. 
Mind our own business of a topic that clearly takes the piss out of hardworking tax payers... Hardly a matter to be ignored everyone has a negative opinion on these benefit scroungers. This is the reason why tax payers have to buy income protection policies because the state won't help those that actually pay into the pot. People who are born into benefits and claim it all their life reap the rewards for not working...
There's far worse things to be concerning yourself with. This is just a distraction from the actual financial theft going on. All the billions used in QE, know where it's all gone do you? No. Nobody does. Theft on an epic scale.
Here we go some stupid snotty nosed kid who knows fuck all about the world.

Its you who should check your facts it was the sun that did the reporting on this the daily mail is just reprinting it but then you most likely didn't read the article but don't let that get in the way of an uninformed opinion.
Their are a lot of individuals like this woman in this country god knows how much it really cost the tax payers, however the money is wasted in other worthless causes!! 
Snotty nosed kid? Don't make me laugh. Some of us can see the wood for the trees. Ah yes, The Sun, the mecca of impeccable journalism. Fucking hell.
So you think its fair that this woman can live of others do you?

You think its right that she is giving a brand new 6 bedroomed house?
I think it's good that she lives in a nation which provides for those in need of it. 
I would rather live in a nation that provides for those who deserve.
What she needs is mouth wash, rehab and a job application! She appears to be standing up in the picture taken of her, if she can walk she can work!

What she needs is real world integration working on minimum wage at least pulling her weight in society.

Just out of curiosity do you work Callum? 
Yes I do, what does it matter? I'm happy for my taxes to go to her.
Then your more of a moron than your profile photo suggests.

She owns a horse for fucks sake when beveridge came up with the concept of the welfare system he never thought it would be so someone living off the state would be able to keep a horse.

Maybe I am wrong but when did owning a pony for your daughter became an essential.
Yeah you look that up. Still answer the question you think its fair?
Actually I have a degree in politics. Why on earth am I having to tell people on the internet what I do for a living?
You never answer the questions what do you do for a living and do you think its fair she has a horse?
None of your business how I earn my money and yes I think it's fair. She might want to make burgers with it.
A degree in politics qualifies you as an absolute dickhead for one.. But also doesn't answer the question what you do? 
Dealing with a cretin here I think Ryan! The guy probably has a low income and doesn't understand what it's like to see 25-40% of your wages go into keeping scum warm and fed like us!
Some random on the internet just insulted me. Please, somebody call the police. Yawn. Again, since you're having difficulty grasping this concept, I'm under no obligation to tell you how I earn my money. I pay my fair share of taxes and I'm totally fine with it going towards paying for the welfare state.
He's a cock who never bothers to read the article just shouts his mouth off without knowing the facts then just keeps backing himself into a corner.

Any reasonable person would see that this woman's situation is absurd she is living a lifestyle beyond most people dreams. She is living in a brand new six bedroomed house which she is not grateful for at all and can afford to pay £65 a week to keep a pony, where does that money come from?

The welfare system was designed to help people get back on their feet a last resort not a career.
Your degree in politics obviously didn't include the concept of fairness and responsibility for your actions. She wants to spawn 11 kids let her and the fathers ( unless of course they were immaculate conceptions) take responsibility for housing them.
But he has a degree in politics that must count for something right?!?! Err no LMAO!
Why doesn't the layabout put her legs together, get a jonb and strart paying for stuff like us mugs have to do. Me n my girlfriend both work and struggle to make ends meet some months and don't get any help with anything. Why should I have my tax go to prats like her??!! She had the kids, she can pay for them!!! This country is shite 
Get a job!!! Why dont you ty oaying for your own house you freeloading scumbag! Get off your back and close your legs! You are ome of the many reasons I resent paying tax! I wofk hard and struggle to support my family because I lost all child benifuts last year. It greatly angers me that I struggle and lazy so and so's like you get everything. ARRRRRRRRGH!!!
Would help her get back on her feet if she put her legs together
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