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You do know it's possible to be both Muslim and British right +Clare Little ? Why refuse gay marriage in CoE but not any other Religious Institution (Christian or otherwise) ? (comment this refers to is removed)
All religious groups should be allowed the same determination of right to follow their belief. It is not discrimation just following their Biblical creed, if you do not like it do not join it, Hey Live with it
Im catholic and I still believe that same sex marriages should be allowed no matter what religion u are, if u love and care for someone who are we to say they can't marry in a church, I dont begrudge anyone from marrying the one they love and should be allowed to marry without being shunned or outlasted or disowned by their families just by there sexual preferences or religion.
Agreed. Religions should be able to have whatever wacky rules they want. But keep it within the boundaries of the religion. Problems arise when those wacky notions bleed in to the real world and people resist. The religions then claim to be victimised, or say they're forced to do something they disagree with.

Religions: You live in your little bubbles and the rest of society will get on with making the world a better place.

By the way, it's not just equality for gay people that some religions have serious problems with. The Church Of England just voted not to allow woman bishops, for example.
Dave works both ways as to what wacky rules are, and those that choose to live as they choose should also be within their wacky boundaries.
You do not choose be male/female, born able-bodied/disabled, gay/straight, white/non-white. These are natural. These are the basis for societal equality laws.

You do choose your religion. Religions are man-made. The rules are within the religions are man-made.

There will be some who say religions are made by some god - wrong. God is god. Humans created the society that worships said god. Rules set by god are not as expansive as those that the humans have expanded them to be.
(Btw saying "white/non-white" is not meant to imply any form of white supremacy. Not at all. Since I live in the UK, the majority of the population are white and laws should not be biased in that direction)
Dave you make the issues, we welcome you just as you say Live with it, we do so should all. I practice what I believe and no one but no one will take that from me. And do you know what I do not hate or get on my high horse about it, I live with it, my religious belief that no one government or anybody will take from me.
Someone fighting against inequality doesn't make the issues.

John, believe whatever you wish. If you are a good person and follow your faith with the best of intentions, then good on you :)

But please, do not allow a faith - any faith - to stop equality in any community.

Surely any religion states that love and kindness is at its core. Why not focus on that sentiment for the basis of a loving, caring community?
As I understand it, when CoE was given exemption, any religious group could opt in to do the same. There's no question of fair or unfair. Any religious institution can ban gay marriage if they want. 
This is a big fuss over nothing. The C of E can choose to change Canon Law as they see fit to make sure there is no conflict.

The marriage equality law is not about forcing religions to hold gay marriages on their premises, or about only making it illegal in the C of E... but rather about allowing marriage to take place on those premises if those religions agree.

No one is being forced into this.

The C of E simply need to amend Canon Law which currently compels them to marry anyone who asks. No other religion is subject to Canon Law in this way therefore no other religion requires an exception. They are exempt by default, as they are not compelled by law to marry anyone and everyone.
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