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Most of us have an old PC lying around, which, until now, may be destined for the scrap heap.

But as Nvidia's Ben Berraondo explains, for a modest sum, this humble unit can be turned into a powerful games machine - making it a very affordable alternative to aging mainstream consoles.
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'It's that easy; if you’ve bought your PC in the past 3 or 4 years.'
James wilddev is actually correct. Often older PC's will not have the option to upgrade. Whether it is power supply, lack of RAM,and then the main CPU. Many games need several actors to be above a certain level. Yes, a graphic card will make things better, but will not make it a gaming powerhouse. Even above midlevel gming, a card like that would be close to GBP 200, that is if all other factors are good enough (harddrive, CPU and RAM). The bulk will have bought an average budget style PC for internet. many 2-3 years ago. So no strong I5 or I7 dup or quad core. Their harddrives often not too big working at 4200 RPM (so that a less powerful power supply was needed). And all that would require a decent screen. Most would have one, but not all, so that will take an additional payment. YES! In the end it will look better then a 360 or PSX3, but at 2-3 times the price of a console. Oh, and gaming needs a good sound card. Does your PC have that?
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