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Staggering story of the babies swapped at birth: Russian parents did not realize they were raising the wrong little girl until she was TWELVE
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Omg. I will go EEEEEEEEK... But feel bad for the little girl without her real parents.
But, hey I am glad that those parents are raising her right till her real parents have her back. I wish them the best of luck.
Most of these cases there is one side that opines firmly that they have the right child and refuse to test. One has to wonder why they would ignore the possibility that they are refusing to look at their own child.

And it really is beyond comprehension why they cannot exchange without legal hassle, or go on calling the one they raised their own while ignoring their own offspring. Adoption is all very well but that does not change facts of life.
Good luck  for parents. The girl child will have double benefit of having ben reared by the two pairs. Zindabad
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