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Britain is on the brink of a triple-dip recession, experts warn as latest figures reveal industrial output has now fallen to its lowest level in 20 years.
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+Simon Stone totally agree with you! Only months ago it was a double dip, now we're heading for the triple. By April 2013 we'll qualify for a quad dip.
Lots dipping into the pot of gold. Lots of invisible monopoly money today. 
An economic depression is now termed 'a triple-dip recession'...what will the P/C police invent next?
GOD help us all the ETON BOYS CLUB will drive us into the stone age tented citys and hunting the deer in the woods i would if i was not in this bloody wheelchair and stuck in one place 
Im not at all surprised people have no money so what else do they really expect.
Its a depression ! No growth no hope !
Did they say dip or dip shit?
All of 70s and 90s were triple dip recessions. Been there got the T shirt I think they say. 
Seems a lot thinking same as me no hope this government seriously dont get it and dont want the poorest to get it either selfish lot.
Maybe Doritos should sponsor this recession what with all this dipping... mmm hungry
Wait and see what happena in January 2013, when the USA muddle through some plan for dealing with the Fiscal Cliff, then the Stocks and Shares will climb until they realised we are still in the same boat.
Yeah its not good,but were still rich compared to most countries, it will get better in time,unfortunately we will probably be dead
Just more proof of the failure of austerity based economics.
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