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The beautiful baby dumped in a Walmart bag: Adorable pictures of tiny Chloe as cops search for mother who abandoned her -
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adorable...she is going to run the world someday with that smile...:D well God planned for another wanton mother to have this beautiful lil girl and definitely she will be loved better by the people who will take her in:D
i do agree with you on this, or just issues but it is so sad to hear these type of things happening across the world.
Maybe the mother was meant to only give birth to her.hope she does not miss bringing her up n enjoying her growing up to be a wonderful woman.whatever God has in store for the infant he knows best and will give her the best.
I would look after her!! Just too cute! :( that 4 watever reason someone had to leave her x
give her to a family that will care and love her
Yes the mother needs a medical help...But I'm sure she is capable on contacting the police from any public phone instead dumped her in a Walmart bag!  
As a mother i could never imagen being without my baby girl. Women like her dont deserve such precious gift of life ! 
Cute and sad mummy just left her...
+Claire Marir Lewis as a mother I agree I couldn't do this, but the mother may b a very frightned young girl maybe with no family support and maybe just desperate. :-)
why couldn't she give it to a friend or some relation of hers
She may not have had the support of friends or family! I would imagine she was mentally unstable & not thinking about what she was doing 
What a cute baby. So innocent. It is a worrying phenomena now all over the world..human behaving like animals. 
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