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It's not pockets of poor care, it's systematic destruction of the NHS due to massive cuts in financing. Slashing spending results in lower quality care and overworked staff making mistakes. Who'da thunk it?
+Darren Mansell I disagree, my friend works locally in the hospital and was bullied for 9 years and the bullying still goes on ... that's about management. Guess what the health care is like after millions spent on a new hospital .... still appalling. People can spout on all they like about cuts, but cuts are used as a crutch by those that are negligent, ineffective or simply do not care. 
A fine example of what goes wrong whenever something is financed by taxes and controlled by politicians.

Managers outnumber doctors. What do they do?
+Simon Hamer my wife works in hospital labs where there have been big cuts in staff levels. The people remaining can't cope with the workload and are making more and more mistakes. Surely you don't think you can keep on cutting staff to reduce costs and nothing will suffer?
Who made the decision to cut the staffing levels ... 
You could cut whole swathes of management but that just ain't going to happen as these useless, overpaid freeloaders make the cutting decisions and they're not going to cut their bloated departments of chronic seat swivellers.
They do their best and helped me with all my injurys loads soo y u askin if they r gd enough????

They don't hv 2 b doing that they could b lawyers or bankers!!

Respect them
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