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I've got you... blunder my skin! Hilarious photos of misspelled tattoos reveal why you should take a dictionary when you get body art...
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I won't lie, this is one of my favourite past times: going online and looking up bad tattoos. Whether they're misspellings, portraits that bear zero resemblance or just downright ugly, it's too much fun!
I wonder how many of them have realised it is spelt wrong... they are probably still walking around thinking they are really cool.
When mummy and daddy said go to school and get an education. this is the reason why!
Hark at the stone-agers that still think tattoos are for the great unwashed. Climb out your time capsules.
glory allahlu ya 
+Jamie England True. This is the 21st century. Next thing we know people will be commenting on how men wearing earrings are either 'gay' or 'thugs'! :-)
no one is complaining about tatoos. we are complaining about wrongly written ones. do some reading before making stupid assumptions
yes appolgises. Bryan your a moron. lol
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