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Twitter and Facebook campaign rescues stolen puppy 'Charley' snatched from a family's home by burglars
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Very sorry to say, but I am uncircling you for posting too much irrelevant bullsh*t.... 
Yeah... it is actually not nice to hear that people care about animals more than they do about humans.... (even when the animals are young inocent cute things)
humans can look after them selves animals cant because humans got involed in the first place the human race is kind and evil to animals 
That´s no news flash... this has been like this for centuries... and if you, like me, wish things like this to change... this type of information is absolutely irrelevant. ... Seriously... we are talking about a stolen puppy here.... When our rabbit got stolen I laughed my ass off (was my sistres rabbit anyway)... ;)

+Marilyn Ryan no humans cannot look after themselves... humans need to look after eachother... Animals can... that´s why they live in the forests far away from humans... Do you ever see ants, and think... hmm... too bad they can´t look after themselves... no ... O wait... only cute animals count...
i have looked after my self since i was 8 as i was a army brat my dad made shure i could fend for my self and i do i am no a people person i can take or leave but anyone hurting a animal or child i will report
and i could not live in a city live in a village all know me and miss paws 
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