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A dog owner who tried to reclaim his pet from an RSPCA re-homing centre just two weeks after dropping it off discovered it had already been put down
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Many animals are put down every day, there just us not the funds to look after them all. People only have themselves to blame, not getting their pets 'done'.
I'm sorry but if the future house I was letting didn't alow pets I would have never rented it...
YOu have a pet you should be responsible for it throughout it's life.
Thats awful, my hart has just sunk to the bottom of my chest. :-(

This is the norm for all SPCAs. It's the same in Singapore as there're just too many & they cannot cope. When I moved from a landed house to high rise flat, I called SPCA to ask if they'll put down my dog if I send it to them and they confirmed positive, which I was shocked. My new flat does not allow medium size dogs & my application for change of address for the license was not approved. I took the risk & kept my dog for 3 years now.

My family tried all ways to prevent the dog from excessive barkings, muzzle & leash her during walks, train her hard to behave or listen to our instructions and avoid getting into lift when there're other residents, walking her during non-peak hours, etc.

Now the govt is beginning to allow medium size dogs in high rise buildings provided that the dogs are trained and owners abide all rules & regulations to prevent public nuisance or anything ti orevent endangering the public are observed and carried out.

So far we had 1 neighbour complained as they were too shocked when my dog barked at them as they were too too close to the lift door when my dog was walking out the lift.

We talked to them that if we send the dog to SPCA, it means death sentence to our dog and if they insist, they would be the killer of the dog's life. They were firm that they do not want to be the one to kill it and we agreed to walk our dog during off-peak hours between 10.30 pm and 12 midnight. So far everything works fine.

+Clark Graham unfortunately that bit about the aggressive dog is quite deep into the article and never mentioned at the beginning, even though I think it is quite an important point. A lot of people will just read the headline and the first few paragraphs and miss out the rest.


Stubbington Ark manager Mike Ward said: 'Our notes show Rosie acted aggressively when she was placed into our care.

'We have documentation that says the owner told us the dog had killed five cats, a fox and hedgehogs.

'Jack Russells are known to have such tendencies but after careful observation and monitoring, the decision was taken that she would be too much of a risk to place with a new family.

'At the end of the day, we have a responsibility to make sure that all pets we re-home are safe.

'When a dog shows signs of aggression we have to put them down, although this is an extremely rare case and we are open about our policy to all who give their pets to us.'

After reading that, I didn't think much of the story. 
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