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A self-described 'spiritual guru' has sparked outrage in India after saying that the 23-year-old rape victim who died after being assaulted by six men was partly responsible for her own attack.
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Rob Fig
Moronic statement!. "Spiritual" idiocy.
Rob Fig
He is another example of RELIGIOUS IDIOCY in modern times.
and if someone sexually attacked him, he would be the first to cry rape, no doubt.
Rob Fig
Nothing exasperates more than "Spiritual" IMBECILES.
I see someone else wants there 5 minutes of fame bloody idiotic man, bet he wouldn't be saying that if it was his daughter/relative!
Rob Fig
+Joshua Davies . Thank you , i will do that, he seems like a retard looking to be banned entirely from public posts everywhere.
Rob Fig
+Clare Little . Agree with you!. He seems like another "Spiritual" idiot, mindlessly seeking converts and saying evil idiotic comments.
Rob Fig
+NOT. TAKES A MAN to call you as you behave!. A total idiot +Simon Stone 
Rob Fig
Sorry then +Simon Stone . Please don't call women ugly names or epithets. It  is best to be friendly here +Simon Stone 
Rob Fig
"He is believed to control more than 300 ashrams with thousands of followers, but this is not the first time he has run into controversy.
Asaram Bapu is currently involved in an investigation into the deaths of two young boys in the grounds of one of his ashram, which the boys' parents blamed on the guru himself.
He was also accused of attempted murder in 2009 after a former devotee was shot at, allegedly by hitmen hired by the leader.
And in September, the self-declared 'godman' was accused of slapping a cameraman who he believed was filming a religious gathering incorrectly." This "Guru" has a history of imbecility.
S Mann
Ok this statement is just wrong.but for the sake of opening a discussion here.(plenty of politicians have gotten in trouble for what I'm about to say..but please don't take me wrong.rape is sick and no punishment is sevear enough)
Are victims Immune from sharing atleast part of the blame for what happens to them?

I hope people don't pounce at me with profanities, take me wrong and oust me..
I'm just asking.

I have seen women walking on the streets looking nothing far from professional prostitutes who is looking for business on a Friday night. Now granted that they don't want to be raped and its the worse thing that can happen to you. should also realize that there are rotten sick bastards on the streets too who don't know right from wrong and will take you strutting your stuff as..a provocation. Doesn't give them the right to just take what they want..I.e. rape them..but all the elements are there to provoke thoughts in thier minds.

Under the influence to alcohol as well..which doesn't help.

I understand that if you walk out on the street stark naked, it doesn't give anyone the right to rape you or judge you for that must know that people will look and stare and amongst a huge population of civil will bound to bump into animals. So ..should you dress as you like or take precautions and be safer from predators?

I'd like to reiterate that I do not agree with anything this guru has stated. Nor do ibelieve that this poor women was a provocateur. My question is based on this issue not this particular example.
I am curious to discuss for my own please be gentle

Rob Fig
NO Victim deserves to be further punished ever. That is final.
S Mann
+Rob Fig couldn't agree more with you..but who said they should? 
Rob Fig
The "Religious" "Spiritual" "Guru"  IDIOT!.
S Mann
+Rob Fig alright.. calm down. I'll assume you mean further punished by such slanderous allegations? Otherwise I missed that part in the news link

+dolly dot a man? 
Silly old coot's obviously doing it for publicity - but risks getting dry butt-fucked by an angry mob too. Fingers crossed.
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