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Investigation reveals out of ten doner kebab samples, only three were 100 per cent lamb -
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Well well well, I'd have never suspected this. Thanks DM for such high quality investigative journalism. Pah!
Another quality article, the reporter must be worth his weight in discarded donner meat.
I've never eaten that stuff, look at the shape of it for a start, what part of a lamb is it supposed to be :-D
I believe it's actually donor kebab and it's what's left after an autopsy compresses into a strange shape
Does this come as a surprise, what many of us that have suspected for years. I think the shish kebab meat is lamb though.
doner is meant to be lamb ? since when?  tastes good no matter what !
They performed a similar investigation in the Netherlands some years back and got the same results. It shouldn't really come as a surprise that they use cheaper meats.
It still tastes good.... And I'll still be eating it... 
That means donner meat is of higher quality that Waitrose's meatballs...
This is something we all knew a very long time ago!
Stands to reason the product is not pure lamb as most of these kind of food places have poor hygiene and housekeeping... U have to be drunk to buy food from here as the alcohol would likely kill off potential food poison epidemics...As for the staffing well I will just say this wat practice's they follow would most likely cause a serious food poison advice wanna kebab make it at home cos if u challenged them about it they probably tell a reporter to "SHISH" the f**k up! Put a reporter in undercover an u wouldn't wet customers appetites.
Surprised there were three!
I bet the investigation team really wanted to find horse meat but failed. 
Disgusting .we shld poor boiling oil on them as wd did in the grt siege :-

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