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Luckiest men in Britain: Crane drivers should have been in cab at top of London skyscraper when helicopter smashed into it killing two in a fireball. But both overslept -
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weird how they both overslept at the same time????
S Mann
weird there is no article about the unluckiest people in britain who had a helicopter dumped on em and died
Wierd how many people would rather read or listen to what happened to the unfortunate ones more than the fortunate escape of those who lived to tell the tale.
S Mann
Wierd how many people would rather read or listen to what happened to the fortunate ones more than the unfortunate ones who crashed and burned. Atleast readers might send a little prayer thier way. The survivors have a pub story to tell and we are all happy for them. but many are grief stricken too. Fact is, the condolence story wont sell as well as this vague headline. my opinion
Good example of when laziness (probably a hangover) pays. 
It's not luck, but blessings. Life is a blessing nothing at least for me is by chance. Plus his time is not up yet. We don't know when we are going to die but this wasn't that wasn't the day other wise he just would have, that's why it's important to love your loved ones and say so, you never know you leave home and never come back. 
It was everything to do with luck. It certainly wasn't skill. 
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