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Cameron set to defy Leveson on law to allow state-controlled press... for now

Also in today's Mail - Nigella's Italian Christmas recipes:
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Well he would. Isn't he best friends with Rebekah Brooks?
If Cameron defies Leveson it will be a sad day for British law.
And what happens to democracy then
Either a controlled press or free there all owned by the same media corporations, who sit hand in hand with the politicians. The only news you will ever read is what they want you too read. 
But that is what happens anyway. You have to get off your backside and find the truth. At least with no control, except to their own ethics, you now and again get reporters who aren't afraid to tell the truth
At least one thing has come out that lasts, surely no one can ever trust press or politicians again.
Say goodbye to the freedom of speech and democracy. Brought to you by a government that nobody voted for......!!

Its the BBC that needs restraining. The whole phone hacking scandal was bought to us by the press in the first place. The only people that want the press shackled are those who have secrets to hide.
Any organisation or industry that is self regulating is, by definition, open to corruption; this includes financial services, the law/police, the press, football clubs....need I go on? But to trust a politician to - no it's no good, I can't even finish that sentence!
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