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Some people are of course excessively polite, but I certainly don't think most of us are. 
I think Americans are just so used to being rude to each other that kindness is foreign. Oh well, better to be stereotyped as nice, right?
So just to clarify, this is the Daily Mail G+ Account, sharing a Daily Mail article, which is sharing a Buzzfeed story, that is sharing the original content from Reddit.

Quite the brain-bender.
If I share this from G+ back to Reddit will it create some kind of causality paradox?

I don't want to break spacetime, on today of all days.
According to Mikes, two Brits form an orderly queue.
But really once you have experienced British service, particularly at restaurants, it is difficult to adjust elsewhere - although US is not that far behind with a cheery greeting and a "have a nice day" at the end - especially so in Germany where people at sales counters are under no obligation to be courteous, and one can watch them doing the same to locals so one knows it is not their ire against English speaking or general foreigners.
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