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Well they do call them laughing hyenas! Big cat gets the giggles on South Africa safari -
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it is a K9 isnt it not a feline?
ok ive just learnt something new ..... Hyenas are neither cats nor dogs. They belong to their own family, the
Hyaenidae, which also includes the aardwolf. This family is more closely related to cats than to dogs. The order Carnivora, to which the cat, dog and hyena families all belong, is divided into two branches, the Feliformia (cat-like) families, and the Caniformia (dog-like) families. The Feliformia branch includes cats, hyenas, civets and genets, and mongooses, whilst the Caniformia branch includes dogs, weasels and relatives, bears, raccoons and relatives, seals and
I read it and don't understand some aspects but will reread it and take action, seems important, thanks for sharing.
Eeekk... do not like hyenas after watching Life of Pi...
Actually, hyenas are closer to cat than dogs. Just thought I'd add that for the sheer hell of it.
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