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Gay Marriage: Is Baroness Warsi right to warn of ‘unintended consequences’? Join our debate:
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Lovely bit of homophobia there, nice use of language. Years ago, people like you probably shouted "Niggers shouldn't marry whites!". See the problem?

Edit: After looking at your profile it's clear you're suffering some form of psychosis. Seek help.
i am looking for my first real gay lover. I final can come out and admit im bisexual.
Gays can have a legal union but not be married in a Christian church. Christians have a right to stand up for what they believe in to. Cause there is no way in hell a gay would ever disrespect islam like that.
Wow Dave thats the most presumptuous thing I have read on Google, love the way you accused simon of being a racist.

I think the word bigot would apply to you as much as anyone else.
You seem to have missed the point: just because you disagree with a course of action does not give you any right to use hate speech. Oh, and I notice you didn't pull him up on calling gay people queer? You may wish to recheck your priorities.
But its perfectly okay for you to use the term " people like you" like him what exactly? People like him who hold different views to your own. Oh that man doesn't like gays he must be racist as well. Nice.
That means because he used what I consider to be hate speech he must be mentally instable.

Who sounds the more intolerant?
In my simplest answer she is entitled to her opinion but she is not elected so the answer is No
The UK has come far and its time to stop all this silly nonsence about religion this and religion that, so the government gave the church of England an opt out Claus this will go in time. Gay LGBT what ever you want to label homosexuality is normal and its time to treat people as normal so then there will not be a need for all these action group and gays wanting to get laws because being gay will be normal and all new and; Ltd laws will
Be changed to reflect this. Its time to move on pit all these old arguments to bed stop hating people for being themselves, homosexual people do not hate heterosexual people because of who the chose to love. Just sit and think about bit I hate you because you are being normal and are loving someone it a very silly argument..
Christians are gay as well in fact some of the most Christian people I know are gay be that CofEor Holy Roman Catholic. Come on people the church is losing people because it does not reach out to the man in the street anymore.
That is a shame. Our world has forgotten to love each other, we maybe able to talk and make great argument on issue but unless there is love in your heart this is meaningless.
It saddens me to see human attacking each other, how will we ever come together. One day a time will come when hu,and need to stand united against a common foe , how will

This be possible when we cannot accept and respect each other.
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