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BBC under fire after character from the Tweenies is dressed as paedophile Jimmy Savile -
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That show plays every morning and it looks like it was made in the 80/90's 
Wait... The Daily Mail thinks it's disgusting that the BBC accidentally aired this ten-year-old repeat, and then saw fit to embed the same clip in their news site =)
I agree haha, I love how the Daily Mail has just showed the "allegedly" shocking item themselves of (like you said is probably) a really know, that time before anyone batted an eyelid about what Jimmy Saville did.

I agree it should have been brought to light that he wasn't all sunshine and rainbows like everybody thought he was but the fact that they're dragging out all the gory details and any minute tidbit of information is surely just bringing up bad memories for the victims and therefore not a good thing!

...when will the media learn... :/

Oh come on Daily Mail, let's all grow up here. Let's overlook the fact that the evidence against Sir Jimmy Savile is flimsy at best and no proof has been offered of any crimes he is alleged to have committed, the idea that there is something wrong with a ten year old kids show depicting a character based on the legendary entertainer is just ridiculous. Shame on the BBC for offering craven apologies and rewriting history by saying they won't show the episode again... they should grow a pair and ignore the hysteria spouted by the gutter press.
I watched this this morning and didn't even notice 
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