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SAS hero Sgt Danny Nightingale walks free... and thanks the Press: Sniper jailed for 'illegally possessing' Iraqi gift pistol has his sentence quashed -

Danny Nightingale freed: Did the Appeal Court get it right? Have your say:
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This guy should never have been locked up in the first place.
Welcome home SAS dude.... From an bfpo20 kiddie ....
War hero ok. Awarded a gift for his service fine BUT why should the law of this county be different for him. He had a working high powered weapon with 300 rounds (according to daily mail). Was it locked way from access by kids or burglers. What if he is one of our service men that come home with post traumatic syndrome and suffer a breakdown leading to suicide or even an attack on innecent people. Why didnt he get it decommissioned and mounted, it would be easy for him to do through army.
Before you jump on me about what Ive said, I'm not saying he should have been locked away but you can't argue that he was stupid in what he did, he knowingly broke the law of this country and has to take responsibility for his part in this mess. 
well done to all the people in crewe and allover the world that got this guy his freedom and i hope you have a fab christmas xxx
truly amazing; thanks to the press for bringing this hero to our attention for what happened and now we hope he has a wonderful xmas-a very happy one lolxx
+david chaloner according to papers he had an accident that gave him severe memory loss,and this gun was one thing he forgot about .
+Tony Myers ah! I didnt see that bit. I didnt say it was handled in a fair way, he should have got more support as an injuried service man. I just said that the law was broken and people where over forgiving of the dangerous situation he created by having the weapon, even if was by accident. 
if your sent home as a injured your stuff is packed up and sent back later and then stored till you go back to your unit or leave its easy to forget and had he packed his box himself he would have handed it in before he left the county he was in a lot of guys bring stuff back in both world wars old vets are up in arms about the way this guy was treated i dont think i would rember what was in a box that your mates packed up for you all the army had to do was take it away and destroy it or is this the new way of geting rid of people and will he lose his pension 
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