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Husband claims he burned his face with an iron when he mistook it for a phone
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oops silly thing to do its gota hurt 
This one belongs right up there with the collection published in Deccan Herald by Shakuntala Narasimhan - the husband who tried to surprise his wife with a birthday cake and interpreted "separate the eggs and beat them" as keeping the eggs on the kitchen counter one inch apart and beating them with the rolling pin, was just one of them.

Another one bought five pounds of ginger after his wife sent him to buy vegetables as a first chore post retirement to help with household - he was merely told to go buy a couple of pounds of whatever vegetables he liked, and by the way get some ginger. Since then the wife is known in the market as "ginger lady".
+Jyotsna Gokhale not surprising. One can be taken up by passion. I have a habit of routinely purchasing from the farmer market here in UK. I noticed a kilo of ginger for £1 and brought them only to be told off by my spouse that it is too much ginger to buy for any price. When I made that purchase I was planning that this ginger would last a couple of months. Zeal can blind pragmatism and make you do surreal things sometimes.
As for this guy burning his face, wondering who was he trying to impress with that sort of loose cannon multitasking.
+Seshadri Dhanakoti Of course one might set out to go buy ten pounds of ginger if one needs it for whatever reason and in UK, US or Europe it might be a normal time saving part of necessary work to process something on large scale once in a while and freeze or refrigerate it, and I am quite familiar with shopping whole sale in Boston or California or Europe whereever and keeping things ready to final process when necessary, but Shakuntala Narasimhan's piece in Deccan Herald was funny because it was neither about a need nor about a deliberate thought out decision nor about normal behaviour in the circumstance of time or place, it was about a lack of understanding on part of the husband who never had given a single thought to how food landed on his table. You buying a kilo of ginger for a pound was quite pragmatic since it was for saving money, and you could have pickled it or processed it for an effective dealing with it, which would require some thought and some work; but expecting someone else to do so is another matter entirely, on par with someone else buying a Bentley and expecting you to pay for it.
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