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Today's front page: Criminals face new 'spartan prisons': Justice Secretary plans tough regime with uniforms, no Sky TV and less pocket money -

Hugh on earth is that? Star's SIX roles in one film -
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So "Spartan" means "Easier" now does it !
The cell that guy is sitting in has more in it than my bedroom when I was a child. Why should they be allowed a TV or a homosexual lover in their cell? A bed a toilet & some books to read is all they should get. There will be a lot less people going back .  This is what namby pamby liberal Labour have given us. Benefit dependant people who get sent to prison holiday camps returning again & again because life on the inside can be better than life on the outside.
it would be interesting to see a side by side report of us prisons and uk prisons..assaults, drugs selling, killings, reform rate to see which one is doing better reforming prisoners staying out of prison..on reading the article i was thinking the uk prison system seems like candy land
Maybe if our educational system taught people to read & write properly & we had jobs for youngsters I stead of the immigrant cheap labour the prisons would not be fit to bursting.
the system of how things work has not a good economy people and government spend like crazy and not save money and resources for when the bad times hit it is manageable..companies will always seek out cheap labour it is more money they are saving getting a product to market to get more profits..crime has not change it happens by the best and worst of us..i dont think any one country has a handle on health of thier populationn in terms of job creation, immigration, migration, crime, health, education etc..very complex issues with regards to running a country
cheap labour drives wages down meaning more people claim benefits & instead of getting a low paid job people will live off benefits. If there is no hope of getting a decent paid job you get young men generally get into trouble particularly those without good male role models or father's to guide them. These are the ones filling the prisons
I know it's all products but why if it's so hard are people acknowledged again & again? What is the answer to stop people re offending. What would be so bad & so scary to stop this. 
neil h
bring back the chain gangs
No I think lashing sounds good let's start with the editor of the Tory rag the mail me first with the cat o nine tails
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