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Why is it all associated that you have to go to the gym to get healthy.
Walking, swimming, jogging are just some of the better ways to get fit and not cost a fortune, or be intimidating .
Rob Fig
Laziness & depression are not excuses for obese people to neglect doing something about it. Losing benefits might motivate some to do something about it. Nothing wrong with that!.
So who's going to pay the gym fees then?
Also, the poorest eat the most unhealthy foods because they are almost always the cheapest. That doesn't mean prices should go up on them either. It means prices are too high for quality meat and veg.
+Benjamin Knight you are correct in some ways but takeaways and fast food from restaurants can be very expensive in the long term,and alot of these really obese people wouldn't be satisfied with just one meal.Its easier for these people to go to the chip shop or a microwave meal than to spend time preparing a a proper decent meal. 
Rob Fig
Proper nutrition is generally in civilized countries like the UK not a matter of money, but how you use it to buy and prepare good and nutritious meals. I agree with +Tony Myers 
+Rob Fig I agree but nobody seems to want to cook properly nowadays. It's cheaper, easier and more beneficial. These people need educating, they have probably come from a "family" who can't/won't cook. 
Rob Fig
NO +Brian Cope we invest by rewarding or reducing-cutting-payments according to their actions.
And to balance things out, strap down and force-feed folk with anorexia??
Notice the only one who disagrees is the fatty !!!!
And simon you are talking through you're fat arse 
Too right. Why should the rest of the general public pay for someone who can't be bothered to look after themselves!?!
only the rich allowed to get fat and stuffed
Rob Fig
Get obese and pay for the consequences yourself. Rich or not obesity is a problem to the obese, even to those in denial. Stuff yourself and digest it, metabolize it. Carrying extra-excessive- weight is a burden to all +abou adam 
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