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More than half of parents happy to take children out of school during term time to save on holiday costs

DEBATE: Would you take your children on holiday in term-time to save money?

(by +Tara Evans)
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I sure would it cheaper than if you took them on regular holidays for hotels or motels and amusement parks 
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Annoyingly my parents were always too good to take me and my sister out of school time but one year we went to America and it was unavoidable! Good times. :-)
Depends how much I would be saving. It can cost an extra £1k to take a family on holiday during the school holidays.
Sadly hotels and places like Butlins and centre parcs double their costs in half terms maybe If they didn't then parents wouldn't have to take kids out.
I do it every year and save around £1500 by doing so, if we didnt do there would be no Summer holiday.
I would good family time is a rewarding experience
Perhaps Simon needs to get in the real world...
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