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Pointless discussing it, you will be told what you say is racist, your views are rubbish, just ask yourself though, how many employers take on temporary staff on low wages, all from outside of the unemployed bank.
After thirteen years of Labour and a severely diluted Tory government, very much for the worse.
Comments that I would expect from readers of a paper like this.i am whit British but why do some people think that ethnic diversity is a bad thing? If you wanted to live somewhere else in the world you should be able to so so and that's the same for everyone else. 
David Meakin: Then why are you reading it? Where did I say ethnic diversity was a bad thing? I come from a mixed background and was not born in this country. It's a compliment to this country and its values that people want to come here. It's when government manipulates it for political reasons that I don't like.

I presume you support one of the 'L' word parties as you are using the 'r' word to anyone else that holds different views. And if you don't like this paper go to the Guardian, which I read too.
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