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Today's front page: Police have stopped me 25 times... just because I'm black: Stephen Lawrence's teacher brother launches damning race case against the Met

DEBATE: Are the police still guilty of institutional racism?
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"police stop man 25 times after failing to adhere to the law" "guv its him again"..."oh crap thats that laurence brother quick!!be p.c and let him go... "
Easy to claim the race card, maybe there are other reasons the police are interested in him?
What happen to this world? Stop being racist!!!
S Mann
+Barry Smith it is easy to play the race card, but when you have 20 people infront of you including on very dodgy looking fella at the airport, but you are the only one who is 'randomly' checked..there is an agenda there. this random check happens with me everytime at the airport. so i thought i will wait there to see how many random checks happen. in a space of 10 mins 300+ passengers went past and only 2 were 'randomly' stopped. one asian and one arab. Doesnt sound too random to me. what? white people dont commit crimes? I know of people who were stopped a whopping 12 times on thier road trip to FRANCE from the UK. sometimes 10-15 minutes apart.
yes these law upholders have to do thier jobs, i agree to that, but you must do it without prejudice and paranoia against a particular set of people. maybe this is a coincidence or maybe its intentional. chances are of the latter. Maybe the first 24 times you would think its coincidental.. the 25th get a bit annoyed no?

Either stop the average white man 25 times too or stop bothering non white people with your passive aggressive bullshit.
I can actually relate to this having been stopped countless times as well. Racism is real.......

25 times in 20 years including checkpoints (as said the the article) in a high crime area... After moving to a new city I've been stopped 4 times in the last 2 years in a very low crime area when not doing anything wrong.
I really thought the guy had a case until I read it is over 20 years 
Why have you been stopped +Kate Allan? If the police stopped me I would want to know why - they have to have a reason!
S Mann
i must agree with +Kate Allan too. but in general, non whites are subject to being stopped 'randomly' a lot more.
but in 20 years, how many times has an average white person been stopped? thats also a question worth asking :)
+S Malik I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but unfortunately we live in a time when people want to hijack planes and fly them into buildings killing lots of innocent people. And a lot of these people are of a certain race, so even though it's a pain for someone who has no intention of doing the same these checks have to be done. It's a case of a minority spoiling it for everyone else.
That's true in an airport but not on the streets where you live!
Is this about Stephen Lawrence anymore or this this about attention and keeping the race thing going?
S Mann
+Richard Brown i can also appreciate what you are saying, however, pigeon holing a large group..forget group, a whole RACE of people because of a few nut cases doesnt really do justice.

i dont know the exact statistics, but id personally say 95% of the random shootings in the US (example sandy hook/cinema shootings) are done by white folks. so shouldnt everyone be under this type of surveillance? just recently read up some white supremist who got let off on bail after being arrested for having actual bombs with the intention of blowing up a group of black people. now, had it been a black person or a muslim..they would have a field day. because he is white he is less prone to doing it again and more likely to changing his white supremist ways and is let off on bail??.. even worse, other whites (his peers if anything) are not suspected or investigated? come on man!

I dont see Germans getting stopped at every check point..who is and should be paying for Hitlers crimes?..his reign was for 12 years killing millions globally. its been 67 years that how long non whites must wait before they are part of the norm again.

point is sir, crime is commited by every race, colour and creed. you cannot point fingers at a particular group or race..its just not right. if you look at the intensitity of crimes vs the number of crimes, white crimes are far more intense than petty crimes by non whites.
+Kate Ash 2 times at check points and once for a "low tire" that turned out wasn't low lol and the last time because they said I was going slightly too slow in a 20 zone (if you can believe that) they wanted to know what i was doing and I had to explain I wasn't familiar with the area and I was looking for a house to pick up something I bought on gumtree. All 4 times they checked all my info (tax insurance etc) gave me a road side MOT or whatever they do and sent me on my way. 
+S Malik You're totally right. I was only responding to your comment about airports.
+Richard Winnington no, but apparently if I was I could sue.
Even if he got a check point 5 times over those 20 years that would leave him being pulled over once a year. 
"Black people seem to be stopped more "Randomly" than white people."

Agreed, however you need to look at where these stops are occurring. These random stops tend to be in areas where their is a high crime rate which, coincidently, is mainly populated by Black people. They might be "random", but if 7/10 people are black, then of course these figures are going to look bias. 

Take Leicester as an example. If you look at the figures without looking at where they are being taken, it looks as though most random stops are against Asian people. It doesn't take into account the fact that the population of Leicester is predominately Asian. Fewer white people are being stopped because their are fewer white people to stop.

I'm very against racism, but it's easy to misuse figures and statistics especially when all of the facts aren't taken into account.
S Mann
+Adam Brown agreed. and a great point you have raised too.
However, non whites are in minority in the UK. There is no arguing that. When you (not you but a collective you) use a statment such as "Black people seem to be stopped more "Randomly" than white people." you take the WHOLE population of the UK into consideration and an average of ALL the check points/areas in the UK is taken. 

I completely agree with what you are saying, however I believe that this statement is based on an average of the UK population, not coming from someone in Brixton

If the total number of stops are divided into white and non white, which side do you think will have more 'stops'. In a country predominantly white, you would think its not the latter.

Is that not true?
Im black i hardly get stopped...
S Mann
good for you..

p.s. you dont look very black to me
p.p.s You are not sympathetic to this person considering you have pasted the story about Mo farah on your wall? lol
I just find it bit repetitive with the police issue that's I'm black 
+abou adam Obviously you're doing something wrong. Try wearing a hood and looking suspicious, like you have or are about to commit a crime. This usually works. Believe it or not you don't even have to be black!
From what I recall of the Lawrence thing, Stephen Lawrence was a 'college kid' and his murderers were bone-headed chavs. Did anyone think to examine the classist, inverted snobbery as a motive? Of course not.

Labour brought back the class system which all but died out in the upwardly mobile eighties. So many kids, black or white, are attacked for the way they dress or speak or because they simply want to get on.

Why doesn't the media blame the Left for encouraging class war and keeping people - what they call 'working class' locked in ghettos and slums and welfare dependency?

Racism provides good headlines and soft targets, so many people's careers depend upon it and it enables the real causes of poverty and disenfranchisement to be swept under a rug.
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