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A young couple who receive more than £17,000 a year in benefits appeared on ITV's This Morning to defend their taxpayer-funded lifestyle.
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I think they're a bit confused. Their parents pay taxes, so their parents should get benefits.
S Mann
Yay for Britain!
It's people like this that give the majority of people on benefits a bad name. The majority of people on benefits want to get back to work.
Here is a tip for them.

Get a job.
Try hard in life.
Eventually earn way more than minimum wage.
Retire happily.

I'm just gonna laugh in there face when they realise they have no decent pension to rely on when there 80 and freezing.
Typical daily mail to make the lower classes villains
S Mann
+Leighton Vellam this chap is taking the piss is he not?
You can work at Tesco and earn more than 17k.and they are always hiring!
So I don't think daily mail is making him out to be a villain, they are simply pointing him out cos he is one.

I left school in 1997 in south Lincolnshire. Back then there was a lot of factory jobs available. There was also a hell of a lot of telesales jobs. Problem now is the majority of telesales jobs are now outsourced abroad. Thanks to online shopping there's not as many retail jobs. And thanks to the EU's freedom of Europe policy all factory jobs and cleaning jobs are filled by Eastern Europeans (well they are in my area). Having these jobs available now wouldn't help these people tho as they don't want to work. The majority of people on benefits tho do want to work.
I've worked since I was 13 I'm now 32. Since then the longest period I was without a job was 3 months. It's also now next to impossible for anyone under 16 to get a part time job. So all these young people now don't know the value or satisfaction of earning a wage. Learning the value of good honest work when young is just as important as education. We can't just leave it to the teachers tho, we as parents have to break this cycle and teach our kids the value of work. It would break my heart if my kids struggle when they get older.
Couldn't agree more +Andrew Abraham when I was out of work I registered at nearly every agency in my nearest city, I rang local businesses, also registered on job websites. Job websites are awful in my opinion.
Minimum wage my fat a... It should be a living wage and should be no less than £15.00 per hour. How is a single person supposed to keep a roof over there head pay council trash "tax" electricity bills water bills food bills run a car pay TV tax and so on being paid just over £6.00 an hour. And what makes me laugh is that people in the caring proffesion get exploited for what they do and get paid ridiculous amounts and I don't mean doctors I'm on about nurses and care workers. What's more important in society a banker a professional footballer or a care worker. Well I win the votes hands down and it ain't the first two who get paid a ransom for doing what sod all.
Ok Andrew you tell me where you can live in the UK as a single person paying what I have earlier mentioned not adding mobile phones net access and so on. I'm sorry but the minimum wage insults the intelligence of intelligent people. How you survive on your pay is a miracle by today's cost of living I notice you did not mention a car TV tax rent on a one bed apartment. I do admire you for the job you do as far as I am concerned care workers are all unsung heroes in my book and you do a bloody good job :-) but sadly most are exploited with pay and conditions.
£15 per hour! That would mean the vast majority of jobs would be equal pay. From the McDonald's worker who gives you fast food to the nurse who helps save lives. It wouldn't work and is extremely unfair. There's a word for your idea and it's called communism. The minimum wage is low and if I ever lost my job and went back to it I don't know how I would cope. But I have been on minimum wage and survived on it. It was a struggle but I got by.
Communism absolutely not its called a fare wage to allow you or me to be able to live somewhat comfortably. Why shouldn't the McDonalds worker earn a fair living wage I'm sure they can't see much chance of buying there own home on what they earn. Andrew your covered by various bennifits, this is exactly what I'm saying if you where on a fair living wage you would not need bennifits to top up your income you could live independantly. Going back to communism don't get me confused with any kind of party I don't support any of them so don't start me on that one :-) 
So your telling me someone who works at McDonald's should get the same as someone who has gone to uni for 3-4 years. That isn't fair at all. What would be the point of going to university if you could get the same pay for an entry level position. I agree minimum wage is too low £7.50 is more realistic. £15 per hour that's over £2000 per month.
But £7.50 an hour is not going to pay for the needs of a person trying to make a home for themselves. Let's not forget income trash and national insurance sadly it just isn't going to go far enough. And let's face it uni students will better themselves as time goes by and as they better themselves so does there pay. I do try hard to see your side of the issue Leighton but it just does not work ask anyone on job seekers they are better off having there rent paid as well as council trash than going onto the minimum wage and not being able to afford to live after a large chunk of there income has gone on tax including our shiny new 20% vat utility bills and all the rest of it. A fair living wage by today's standards is going to have to be £15.00 OVNO "social engineering via taxation" always springs to mind when I get on my hi horse over this subject.
OK then were you living in a one bedroom apartment and if so where and what was the rent and council trash evey month because this alone would squeeze anyone's income if you where taking £700.00 home each month. Please don't say you where in receipt of benefits because that won't count. And you are telling me £700.00 per month is enough to mortgage a small starter home and pay everything else on top. 
Just curious, how can a couple with a child live comfortably on a total of £17k a year? 
Andrew you did not completely answer my last question, anyway thanks for your feedback and as I said I admire care workers for what they do keep up the good work :-) I'm off :-) 
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