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Today's front page: Freed to kill by police blunders: Mental patient who murdered stranger begged to be sectioned - one check would have shown she'd killed before
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Personally I don't really think that the authorities' decision to release the killer was ridiculous as there might really be some medical grounds for the release. However, when she voluntarily ringed the police and admitted that she might be dangerous, the police should indeed have acted more seriously and cautiously.
Sad that a known killer is let walk free to do the same crime. Dont believe the police are to blame, surely a more thorough assessment should of been made before she was left free to wonder. Obviously more to the story but my heart goes out to the victims families 
Freed to kill by police blunder-Told you not to make a fuss! She doesn't look like a killer to me! Oh well, guess looks can be deceiving!
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