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Keep your paws off my baby! Zoo keepers are unable to get close to newborn gorilla because of its 16-stone protective mother
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Well at least she has a natural mothering instinct, the keepers just have to earn her trust...
Where is the tranquilizer?
So the zoo keepers can get to the baby.
So the zoo keepers can get to the baby.
Why though, its not their child is it? 
Why put the mother and baby through all that? 
As i said, in time she'll gain trust with the keepers, then they can do what needs to be done. 
How would you like it if you were knocked out and your child was taken from you for 'research' purposes. I say let the mother have time with the baby first. 
+Coral Scarr please I'm not an ape so you can't make deductions from that. It is for the good of the baby and the mother the zoo keepers get to the baby and vaccinate the baby. Alright!
No but your a human being with the capability of emotion and understanding. I don't know if you have children but you should see my point on this even if you don't. Let the mother have its time, if things get really bad then the keepers should step in. Apes live long lives in the wild, the fact they need injections to survive in these 'special habitats' just goes to prove they are not supposed to be held in captivity. 
Its the mothers instinct to be cautious with her baby, especially if keepers are posing as a threat, she doesn't know that she'll get her baby back from them does she? 
All i'm saying is giver her a few days or a few weeks just to learn trust towards the keepers. 
The fact she has no trust in them already shows that she isn't happy with them.
Are you saying zoos are bad? 
Common! Do you keep pets? What's the difference in keeping pets and running a zoo. Don't put unnecessary emotions on places where it's not needed. 
Joshua Davies you must need help. I'm afraid urgently.
Joshua Davies you must need help. I'm afraid urgently.
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