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A couple married on the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge discovered they are also expecting their first child just hours before it emerged Kate Middleton was pregnant.
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So they say. How exiting, I don't think.
Congrats but so what. Sorry that sounds nasty.

I thought I might escape the royals on G+ they still manage to worm their way into my home. .
Iris W
+Tim D You'd be lucky. I can't even escape it when I'm out, let alone online!
If an alien visited earth at the time of the Kate Middleton baby circus, it would have been forgiven for thinking that before Kate came along women didn't have babies or get morning sickness...... The biggest annoyance for me is the extra drain on the taxpayer to look after that lot which has started even before Jr has popped out.........NEWSBREAK - Kate has a got to be worth at least 5 hours of multi-channel discussion....

The only way the Royal Baby Circus would be of any interest to me is if it came out looking like Justin Beiber and Kate + William ended up on the Jeremy Kyle show having lie detector tests.....I might have a passing interest then.
Iris W
+Tim D If aliens visited Earth in a massive flying saucer over Washington it probably wouldn't get reported until they'd finished discussing Kate. That is all.
Breaking News: Kate has got a craving for carrots.....and in other news, Lord Clom of the Saturn empire has taken over the planet and made us all in to slaves in his evil galactic conquest....
Iris W
+Tim D You're not that far wrong. She just had to get rushed into hospital right when the worldwide conference on climate change was happening! Seriously that often doesn't get reported enough normally. 
very interesting news i feel better now
+Sophie P That's another thing not worth reporting - climate change
Iris W
+Brian Cope Climate change is worth reporting and the snow leopards, polar bears, island peoples and future generations would agree. Some rich bint's baby, however...
+Sophie P I'd agree about climate change completely.  I do not have a fixed view on what is causing it, but I am convinced its occurring to the detriment of life on the planet.  Thats a cause for concern regardless of the I'm with you on that 100%.
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