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Facebook 'makes you feel miserable and jealous': One in three people feel worse after visiting friends' pages, survey shows
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Even stories ABOUT Facebook are getting on my nerves lately. 
I've never used Facebook but how could someone's holiday pics make you miserable (as the article says) - I mean if this is true than there are a lot of insecure people out there lol! 
i can relate about this,they always want to be n0tice at their best,if they hang 0ut there and it weakens l0ng distance relati0nship trust me this is so true...
+Daily Mail biggest hypocrite paper! The naked slim celebrities you post every day, your love & praise for the wealthy. Not to mention the neanderthal racism! It's all good, never mind that, let's have a go at a social networking site! I don't pay attention to what people post on fb same as I don't pay attention to your bullsh*t! Print that! Peace!!
They need to do the study in the UK, it would be totally opposite results. Most people in the UK feel happier after visiting facebook and seeing that most of their friends are having a miserable time or suffering in some way or other. It the same as watching Eastenders on Christmas day, seeing others having a worse time than you makes the brits feel happier about their day lol
Facebook are just full of people who can't get into the DM right hand column. I just want to throw up every time I look at them.
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