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Labour will today propose new legal limits on levels of fat, sugar and salt in children's food
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I look at it this way, Government always thinks they know better than the people who live everyday lives, work hard and have to work to get where they are in life. Throughout history, we seen government make profound laws to think they can stop over weight by restricting or banning large quantities of food, weapons, and alcohol. 

The fact is, there are 5 guarantees in life. Sex, drugs, guns, taxes and death. US Gov. tried to prohibit alcohol and they created Al Capone. They started the war on drugs thus created the drug cartel. They try taking guns or restrict guns and in Washington D.C. and Chicago with the 2 areas with the most gun regulations around has the most gun related crime vs other parts where gun regulations are more lenient. In each of these case including governments making it illegal to sell oversized drinks in NY and now trying to limit sugar in foods, they don't realize the more you ban or restrict the more human nature likes to break the rules. There are 5 guarantees in life and you can even put food in there in this day of age which will make it 6. You can try to ban or restrict all 5-6 but you will fail however notice the steps the government takes never solves the problem that causes it.

Most problems come because of lack of work, education, family etc and not on material things.
I was born in the late 80's grew up in the 90's. I never had a problem with obesity. I was always out whether that be with the scouts or playing some sort of sport. I agree with Keith Hendrickson also, the government is the problem, they constantly create more problems. Its time to Educate people with whats really going on in our world. So our kids can have a beter future.
+billy jury I totally agree. I was always out playing football or playing on my bike/skateboard. I also spent a lot of time playing computer games, but I was still very fit, strong and had a good physique (I wish I could still say the same). Today Mums are too lazy, they cannot be bothered making dinner with fresh food, they'd rather get something from Iceland out of the freezer.
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