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Wealthy Indian spends £14,000 on a shirt made of GOLD to impress the ladies -
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Jonathan Tanner
I'm a man and I'm impressed. I might marry him.
Some ladies will have the shirt off his back in no time.
With a pocket? Gotta have someplace to put your smokes I guess. 
+Jakob Lauritzen as +nová cula said it's same everywhere. It's more pronounced in India as it has a population that equals to a billion and more people mean it's lot tougher than in us or Canada or United Kingdom. 
All I can see is an amazing moustache
I think he's really just a massive Spandau Ballet fan
crow 'll be crow after bath form milk lolz
you don't have to prove that ma'am.........its seems very well :P
Wicked. 2013 and these kind of things are still going on.
I think this crow wants to prove that ladies only impress form GOLD and Money ....LOLX
R u trying to be a Indian Mr .. t... but very nice 
And 1.4 million in pure poverty ? This is stupid 
Could do with an iron!!!!!
i Think he try to Invest money in God  for getting Better ladies in Future Return lamfo
The Man With The Gold Fingers
lol did it work? looks really sort of stupid...I am thinking if he is loaded and still has issues with the ladies... the shirt is not going to help
He is one selfish man. Of course he needs to impress people, people aren't satisfied with what he's doing! People like him need to understand that they have the privilege to contribute to overcome poverty in this world. I feel pity for him, and a lot of other people.
So that's what the essence of douche bag looks like.
He looks like a old aged man and still want to impress ladies :) lol
well, you can see all the ladies that were impressed all around him
If he could have donated that money to poor people.
Sal PN
I aint gettin in no plane!
If the lady is a daughter to a millionaire that wearing that shirt is definitely a ++..
He better not come to the Bronx wearing that shirt...! LOL
Is the UK still sending aid money to India? 
Loose the mustache freak-o.
And people wonder why a 20 something woman was brutally raped and assaulted and murdered? It's this kind of excess that destroys empathy and compassion in a culture. Even in the Caste system there is the understanding that those with resources must alleviate suffering of others. Karma will level the playing field. 
An half there country is so poor!!!!
I pity the fool!!!! ( Mr. T)
He's a classy guy, go swimming in t'deep end fella. Bellend.
im sorry but i think it doesnt make you look better any at all.
To impress the ladies !!!!!!!!??? dafuq did i just read ??!!
Should have spent some on improving condition of the poor there. A waste....Indeed
We have this in America. We call it dickheadedness. Seriously, I'm not impressed. 
Trinidad James ain't got chit on him lol!!
Hopefully he travels with an armed guard, walking around with 14000 pounds in your pocket would go unnoticed but wearing it ? I think he may be trying to compensate.

Also I thought his mother would have organised a wife for him anyway...
( very stupid )The morals are more important
अच्छा है as it is banned in Islam to wear gold by man 
I was going to comment, but all the people preceded me did the job. Thanks for all of you.
.. and doesn't he look like a twat...
"It takes A LOT of money to look THIS CHEAP." -Dolly Parton
I think i should also buy one for my self, any way not me i think he could have used the dimes for the poor.
...but he still stinks –– ever consider a shower?
Are they crazy,
i think the gold is not beuty on men‏.‏‎ :-/
what the hell is that on earth!!!look at his throat, he may choke any time...
Are they crazy,
i think the gold is not beuty on men‏.‏‎ :-/
Gives a whole new meaning to "Losing the shirt off ones back in a divorce" :)
All gold Everything... Don't believe me just watch lol 
Why? That mustache is impressive enough. 
I pitty the fool! Especially one who spends big bucks on a hideous shirt
Jay A
He still did not make an impression. He looked like a walking jewelry store! So it's true money can't buy class.
Well as a means of attention seeking it's better than taking an assault rifle into a school...

(but only just)
Wow... That is a down to earth, humble, keeping it on the down low kind of man 
just show off in a country like #India where more than 10000000 sleep hunger, he has no human sympathy the total value of gold he wore is = to Indian Rs.12500000.00 could be used for nice cause by feeding the #hunger   & get there blessing :(
he looks like a pimped out night crossed with a chav....bling!!
m ahsan
Chawal e lagda wa
How could you possible impress a lady with that moustache and that hairstyle.. 
Jon Low
It chafes, like only the torment of a billion starving countrymen's cry could. 
If that outfit was made of gold it would be worth far more than a measly 14000.
Surely paying for a prostitute would've been cheaper
It would be in poor taste even if there was not poverty all around.
i think he needs the pants to match
a man cant b gold by wearing jeweleries 
couldn't spend the money to get rid of that cheesy burt reynolds moustache?
Did it occur to anyone that he might give a lot of money to charity and still have enough for a shirt like this? If so, is that really a problem? Why can't have earthly pleasure like others. 
We have ppl like that in the usa......all u need to do to see them is turn on the tv and watch rap & rb videos and will see :)
He was probably told its real gold. In a week ill bet his whole torso turns green.
and that shirt doesn't even look good...fake ass Mr. T
How come he's naked in the photo?
Cool mind sharing don't even have a place to live
Not really impressive... man has to be a Man to impress Women
I wonder how much he'd get from cash for gold
People are just like birds that collect shiny objects to attract mates. Can't we get beyond that?
I pity the fool who don't like my gold shirt, sucka!
hey ,doesnt he have the brain the think that he could have purchased at least 1000 t-shirts from the streets of mumbai.silly man
good, he is playing with the psyche of the Indian women...... 
He's like an Indian Ron Swanson/Tom Haverford love child...
He looks like a vulgar peasant...someone who'd hang around with Mr.T or american drug-dealers.
He should have spent it on a psychologist. 
+Addis BARAKI ..Sir Sorry to Say ....but I think you have wrong Data
It might be in ancient time , bt now it is not so true
He must have been at the Mr.T auction.....
And they say that the kids in the inner city underworld gets blingy with it 
Wow ! Give me a little part of your shirt 
It looks stupid. Be honest, some things were never meant to be.
Pimp, really? India is one of the most poorest countries in the world. This man is a menace.
What, he couldn't afford the gold-plated BMW? Oh, maybe he can't drive.
+Tracy Mack Sir  ... I think you have wrong Data
who says India don't have places tO live 
He's got to much time on his hands
I guess he doesn't have the confidence to impress women on his own so he's gotta dressing self fancy waste money loser
i hate this kind of people
Is it only to spend? He shld hv prepared cake or cookie out of gold for the ladies.
Not really making this world a better place is he...?
I pity the fool he should give that shirt to mr.t
LMFAO .. who said women werent materialistic ?? 
Hi trip to the west indies will make the robbers go crazy.

You'd figure he could afford a whole suit and not just a bowling shirt.
Wait.. impressing the ladies doesn't make the world better?
While they make money on child labour etc they show off their wealth but gives nothing back to improve the living conditions
he should have impressed poor people in his country & round the World.
If he ever falls into deep water; straight to the bottom with all that weight.
Like a giant fishing lure for the shallow end of the gene pool.
Hi,man,it's time to eat medicine for brain damage. 
"Not only am I a member of the Mr. T fan club, I'm also the president."
I suggest that he do not walk down the streets in Detroit
waste of money,there are orphanage homes who are really in need of that money
Lot of people seem to be giving the guy a hard time.  Surprising when people wear jewelry that performs the same function all the time.  Not many people care where their diamond rings from, or other products for that matter.
In a country where poverty is such that children are homeless and havent even got a pair of underwear. I know a woman who helped outsource her department to India. She told me the homeless there are children and they dont have any----thing.. not socks not shoes not pants not underwear. All the money that country is raking in and it doesnt even set up social services of some level for children. I don't have tolerance for that.
lol! "How'd he go to the bathroom, with all that shit on?" (See "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!")
And the douche bag of the year is....
how ridiculous! hahaa
Is that a '30' on his necklace? Must be his ranking on the idiot scale from 1-10.
Show off, dont think he would be walking alone around in town wearing that!! 
Matt L
I pity the fool. Oh that's not Mr T my mistake
He should have spent 13000£ on poor people
it is better to impress GOD, as life is dedicated ultimately to HIM.
Attention seeking trying to get in Guinness book 
Compensating for something.....?  Hmmmm.....
he could have donated that money to the poor
no you DUM ASS that is the word GOD in hindu..   educate your self you stupid ass (( Rene Bernardino )) el q te comieron el culito jajajajajaj
He could've saved £13995 and just had a hair cut and shave. The rat-tash must go! Lol
Very good expenses some money on social work
I predict copycats in gold plated or baser metals like silver or plated will show up lol ... should have spent 3 times as much for platinum... much more bling factor... golds too gaudy
That looks really stupid.
Should've used the money for some face work. I think that should have been his first priority if he wanted to make an impression. 

You could feed a lot off people that are poverty stricken with that shirt

not to impress ladies but to show the wealth and power
He should think God everyday he has money cuz I don't see how this dude would impress a lady
And I bet he still has on those nasty ass sandals they wear!
Nice Personality of gold Man, after impressing the women , what u will get, enjoying for two to five minutes,and after that...........Reply me 
I hope he actually gets ran over, then the driver steals his shirt and melts it down and donates it to the poor. 
after that he buy diamond shirt.
 isn't it.
Not sure but it might be a little over the top. Joseph and the amazing gold shirt... 
LOL yes, when is a diamond shirt coming up?
What a wanker, really? Fucking bored, won't you share it you selfish prick, it may even feed some fucken starving Indians. 
I don't know if I should feel bad for him for being so materialistic or feel bad for everyone having to hear about such nonsense. How many of his countrymen could he have fed for that price?
Lol he done got money
need no gold shirt
I wrote some comments on this Gold man, want reply, if possible,.
how many people could be treated and fed with the money spend on one of those bracelets! Just saying!
All that bad news in India recently, and this fat prick comes on looking an absolute dildo...... 
If I was a lady person I would been impressed with the 70s' porn moustache alone. With all the gold on I can't take my damn eyes off it. I want oneeeee.
"This is your man Yusuf Amir, unfornatelly, I'm busy being rich and a popular international super hero, bad boy and lover.... see leave me a f** message!!"
He can built 10 four room houses for his poor families in India
yeahhhh really crazy...!!!!!
"This is your man Yusuf Amir, unfornatelly, I'm busy being rich and a popular international super hero, bad boy and lover.... see leave me a f** message!!"
Um... that isnt a '30'   lol
Looks like that outfit comes with 2 bags of crack and a lil wayne cd...
Won't rust no matter how his armpits stink. Intermittent teeth?
The only impression the ladies will get is a good laugh. 
I think he is mr t,s long lost son when they pair up they will argue who is wearing the most gold
Ryan Ng
Nice shirt!
(I'll just get rid of him so I can see just the shirt.)
If I were a lady I would be disgusted by what a jerk he is.
You know some people are quick to judge. Sure he wasted 14000 pounds on the shirt, and more on the gold chains. And sure he is a wealthy money leander. maybe he uses some of his other money to help the poor. But I doubt it.
He should have spent a few bucks on a book titled "The Complete Idiot's Book on Dating" instead. Oh well, when he gets old he'll be able to look back and laugh about it.
foolish, wasted money on this,stinking 
I guess it's cool. It's not a suit made of gold though is it? If it was a suit made of gold then he'd be sure to get the ladies. Maybe he could make a tie out of platinum to go with it, or maybe shoes made of diamond. Only then would he be the true definition of cool.
WOW.. Dont Hate. APPRECIATE. Even though this style isnt 4 me.
Sooo judgmental we all are. All the luxury car dealers will be suprised that we've finally seen the light. We'll all be buying economy cars and giving the rest to charity. 
If I feel like shooting myself in the head (because I am an Indian), will I be considered suicidal?
He need a sword to go with it..a very posh gladiator
Ryan Ng
This dude is a dumb ass.
Ha Haaaa, Who is he ??????
Ha haa & that too to impress girls, literally funniest.
Not a bad idea but he needs a better craft designer than that.... shirt looks gaudy and not classy.  If i am the girl to chase a rich man, i still look for classy appearance.
Bangla Bandhoo shaikh mujeeb once our part of the  world people dies due 2 reasons ......first because they dont have food and 2nd because of eating too much which ultimetly leads to their death......Isnt that truth after watching these picture
kya bat hai aap to chha gye
I would think your chest hair would get caught, ouch.
gold shirt, still looks like a square wow XD
He ain't no MR. T.  Vanity makes the world go round I guess.
Need one smash word in English to describe this person. Who can say it??
now thats what i call BLING!!!!
hahahaha highly ironic how hard men have try to imprress women in india!!!!!
I got better things too spend that a mount
Plz send him to Brooklyn, I got a nice girl for him... 
WTF - I guess what could happen during a thunderstorm LOL...
Kis tailor se silwaya hai ye shirt..?? Lolzz 
Doesn't make his pee-pee any bigger....
I'll bet the starving in India are quite impressed... someone has a small penis.
Haha what a loser.. looks horrid!
Hey could have save 12,000 and just go to a strip club for about 4 or 5 months. Lol .....
Ryan Ng
Please send him to the slums that cover much of India; let's see how he feels then.
Yet he still has that hideous ferret growing on his upper lip.
Had heard a story of golden egg hen, seeing a golden shit oh i mean shirt man for the first time..
Guys and gals, we have a similar problem in the US. Rich people in the world don't get rich by giving money away... at least this guy made a good investment when he purchased a shirt made of gold!

Smarter than buying a sports car that last a couple of years as it depreciated in value.

Rich or poor, no one wants to give their money away. I know I didn't spend my life getting a good education so I could give all my hard earned money away. But then again, I'm no bill gates...
The money he used to bought that shirt is a lot. I think he better donated it the the poor. Or the people who suffers from famine in Africa and the victims of typhoon in the Philippines. :(
sorry, you look too materialised to impress a lady!
No sabia que en la India habia millonarios.:P
What.... This guy couldn't afford a ring for the pinkie on his left hand? 
You sir, you know how to win girl's heart
stupid, not impressive! 
The result of Mr. T having a one night stand with a Indian lady back in 1983. 
We have to make our soul gold not cloths
his last name means 'baloons' in Marathi, which the man in question and me have as our language. i live in pimpri chinchwad too and never had imagined this dude would be the talk of the town, well technically talk of many towns :-)
Babu G
Hi bro. Please help those people who dont have even shirt and for eating thanks so much.
He looks like a freakazoid..
The money he used to bought that shirt is a lot. I think he better donated it the the poor. Or the people who suffers from famine in Africa and the victims of typhoon in the Philippines. :(
There is more people living under poverty than Africa. Who is this shit try to impress? 5% upperclass...well they don't care of his gold shirt...they eat gold (gold foil cake ).
Need to spend more on the have boys in his country .
he looks like a just released prisoner. No smiles on @all.
At least it's going to hold it's value,  hell, it might even increase 25%  by the end of the year lol.    It's his money, he can do with it what he likes.  
next year there'll be trousers too.. right now he's out of money maybe .. imagine if he gifted this shirt to lady gaga ..
Thought this was Ali G before I clicked on it :-) 
Well. We cannot force somebody to give money. :(
One scratch off of that gold could feed an Indian household for a week or more 
Moustache is more impressive.
It's sad because he's actually kinda sexy.
With a moustache like that who needs to impress! 
Well. We cannot force somebody to give money. :(
nice shirt, but makes his pants look like crap... lol
& he's still taken the bus, getten his bling on.
How do you get to airport security with that thing on
Jon Adams
What is this, an Indian Mr.T?
Ryan Ng
What a moron.
he should have bought a razor and got rid of that mustache
I love go-o-o-o-old. The look of it, the taste of it, the smell of it, the texture.  >_<
Muy impresionado pero hay gente muriendo de hambre y eso deberia ser responsabilidad de todos.minimo venderia un anillo y donaria ese dinero alguna organizacion de beneficiencia.
If they are impressed by that they aren't worth having.
This is so selfish and sinful. They are so many poor people all over the world needing help, yet this man puts 14,000 on a shirt to impress women....what a sorry mess. May God forgive him and enlighten him.
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