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Should Britain give France more support in Mali conflict? Join our debate:
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S Mann
Britiain, America, France etc are NOT the defenders of the world. Stop pretending to be fcking transformers and laying down the law. F off and try and solve the problems you are facing in your own countries. like the poor homeless who die on park benches from the cold weather.
If other countries were run like ours then their wouldn't be a need to would there?

but we need to put the recovery & welfare of our OWN people before rushing into conflict.
S Mann
+John Plant I beg to differ. I dont think 'we' really have true democracy anyway and our system is just as flawed as the next one.
No one has the right to just walce and and start imposing laws down.

If Japan decide to come and bomb london sayings its not as efficient as us japanese, Amstrad isnt as good as Sony, you cant really justify that. or if a muslim country tries to impose thier sharia law onto UK, i dont think that would be welcomed either. Who the F to these irresponsible 'Superpowers' think they are to just start invading and spreading 'democracy'  under the blanket of terrorism and revolution.

the only country to ever use Nukes is the US, yet no one else is responsible enough to develop them!? its hypocrisy garnished with hidden agendas.

+1 on your last comment!
What are we accepting is not democracy propagated by t he so call 'super powers'. democracy was last implemented in the ancient Greek system of government known as the republic where the populace vote to determine what they want at a particuliar time. Nowadays democracy is decided upon by a few elected people  senator or parlaimenterians. I don't know what the East (China India Japan) is waiting for to take over this issue super power.
so you would let the likes of Saddam Hussein or colonel Gaddafi still reign?

i'm not saying it's perfect the way the UK is run but if it is so flawed then why do so many foreign nationals come to the U.K,U.S France, australia ect surely a better life than their homeland?
This is a bit of diplomacy. France is not, and has not been the UK's greatest advocate, so the UK here is doing what it does pretty well.
S Mann
+John Plant you are regurgetating the shit media puts in everyones brains. Let me ask you something. However Gadaffi was treating his citizens, was it skin off Us's nose?
I highly doubt it? If they are such humanitarians, why dont they solve world hunger.

the amount required to ERADICATE world hunger is $30 billion.. the US miliatary budget is $530 billion per year.
so you do the math and work out whats more important. To spread 'democracy' and 'save' a few million people from a so called tyrant regime..or stop 24000 childeren dying from hunger every day?

its a lot of crock my friend.. there are hidden agendas which the common man can speculate on.

to answer your question about why people go out for a better life, its very simple. As an example lets take Africa. One of the worlds most resourceful continents in the world. They have the highest levels of gold, some of the largest reserves of oil and diamonds and countless reserves of other natural resources and minerals. BUT, no means of extracting it.

so, a big power comes in, gives some money to a greedy corrupt policitian and cuts them a deal. we will extractit for you, also buy it from you, but at a cheap rate. in return you get a stronger economny and guess what! so many people weill have jobs.

politican agrees and all the right equipment and expertise is imported. now, kudos to those nations who exploit this greed for thier own benefit, they are not to blame. the ones to blame are those who agree to such a shit deal. but the fact remains, that these nations come in like mosquitoes, suck u dry and f off. but in the process make a hand ful of people rich.
the rest of the country sees didly squat and start to emigrate.
again, i cannot blame those who take advantage of a weak minded asshole politician, because hey, u gotta look after no 1. but to remain ignorant of this vicious cycle is not excusable.

UK/US etc are not where they are because of 'democracy' they are where they are from greed and cunning planning. there are plenty of countries thriving and not 'democratic'

its just a word now. doesnt mean jack. we are all controlled in one way or another
my take on things, feel free to disagree.
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