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More people now want to STAY in Europe than leave says shock poll as PM reveals his big EU speech will be on Wednesday

Do more people in Britain really prefer to stay in the EU than leave? Join our debate:
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Thats because of all them Europeans that live here! :/
Get out! Britain's a disaster now, full of europeans using us for our benefit system. Reform it! Kick these parasites out! 
The only policy I don't like is the freedom of Europe. Is that anyone with an EU passport can work anywhere in the EU. Which is why we have a massive unemployment problem which is getting bigger by the day. I left school in 1997 when there was a lot of jobs available. Factory work, telesales jobs, cleaning. Now most Telesales jobs have been out-sourced to cheaper countries, factory jobs and cleaning jobs are full of Eastern Europeans. As they're cheaper and bosses take the p**s out of them with little or no holiday or sickness benefits.
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