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Beefburgers sold by Tesco and other supermarkets have been found to contain horse meat, it emerged last night.
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Horse meat. chyte...Farkin Nora
A horse is just a fast cow, if you really think about it.
I've eaten horse in France. Can't see the problem 
I fail to see the problem. We eat horse regularly in Malta. Rather delicious, although a bit on the high side in terms of cholesterol :p
Choices...thats the problem. ..if i pay for a cow meat..this is what I'm expecting to have...
An animals an animal. ...the word pet is a human word
Enjoy your cat stew paul
We British are such food wimps. I'd love a horse burger with relish, sounds amazing.
Everyday value crap, I'm not shocked at all.

Would I eat horse meat if I knew about it? Not sure might try it but the issue here is that people should be made aware of what they are eating and have a choice. Something similar happened a while back with fish 'n chip shops selling haddock instead of cod, in some cases it was some Vietnamese fish being served up and the consumer wasn't being told.
if it tastes good and did you no harm where's the problem
+abou adam. It would not bother me one little bit where it came from except human lol. Back in the early 50s horse meat was the main source of meat across the uk. The only thing wrong with this story is the fact that we was not made aware that horse meat was being used 
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