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'Children are vulnerable, and news in recent weeks has been an awful reminder': Wogan refers to Jimmy Savile scandal on Children in Need... but FAILS to name shamed star
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Haha. He FAILS to name shamed star.  Did you expect Sir Terry to say "Please donate - to help children who are victims of sexual abuse - similar to that dished out by my old mate SIR Jimmy Saville"?

I don't see it as a failure, more as "to be expected".
Maybe because children have been abused by people other than Jimmy Saville and sadly are everyday by many people in power and close to them, not just famous old men.
'Wogan FAILS to name shamed star'…?

Pleeeaase, Daily Mail... 
the daily mail now want to vet bbc scripts. it would be more in their line to stop their salacious headlines and articles. they have some nerve 
BBC are probably not the most ideal to say what's best for kids.
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